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Click on one of the five main element regions below to explore!

Map of The Adornarium

Each region button will take you to a page where you can browse and purchase the wares that are currently available in that part of the world.

I hope you enjoy your stay!

The Name and Concept

'The Adornarium' was originally conceptualised as a title for this crafting business that I wanted to have - more than just a business name, I wanted it to evoke dazzling visions of a far away land, or an enchanting and inviting little market stand, filled with the scent of incense and enchanting tapestries. Either way - I wanted this name to represent a new, breath-taking world in which a person is able to browse the wares of somebody who puts their heart and soul into creating physical things that express their fantastical imagination.

Given that 'imagination' is so central to why I begun this business in the first place, I knew I wanted the name to reflect this. The word 'imaginarium' came to mind, and so did the word 'adornments' as that is the primary focus of what I create. Those two words fused together created the tantalising title of 'the adornarium', and, given that my name is Alexia and both words start with an 'A', I thought the title 'Alexia's Adornarium' had a particularly good ring to it. As such, my business is generally refered to as 'Alexia's Adornarium', but this does get shortened to 'The Adornarium' at times to remove the focus from the creator and to refer simply to the world itself.

The World

'The Adornarium' is a magical place that exists in a parallel universe to our own, and is made up of five regions that are each based on one of the five elements. An Earth-dwelling human can access this other world by entering it through a portal formed by the 'Spirit Region': one of the five element regions in the Adornarium. This 'Spirit Region' overlaps with this world, and it can form a bridge from one's imagination and spirituality here, to the parrallel universe there. As such, earthly travellers to the Adornarium are always carried there by the 'Spirit Region', making this the first element region out of the five that they land in and are able to explore.

The lore of this world is something that is expanding and forming all the time through the various personalised stories I give to my customers to accompany their purchases, and as such, there is no end to the possibilities of where the Adornarium will take you - or will be able to take you, in future!

The Creations

The concept behind my creations is that the world of 'The Adornarium' is full of life and mysterious artefacts - enchanting animals, deities, fantasy beings and plants, all of which can be taken home as ornaments or worn as jewellery, acting as souvenirs of your time exploring the world. Each of these creations will have some form of connection to one of the five natural elements that comprises the world, most often because that element region is where they dwell, or where you, the 'explorer' of the world, 'found' them.




Social Media:


My Instagram page used to be under the handle @theadornarium but now it is under @elvenlion along with all my other projects. The Adornarium is no longer a primary focus that I am working towards, but if I do have any updates for developing this fantasy world further, I will be posting it on @elvenlion so do make sure you follow me there if you wish to keep up with any updates! On Tiktok I am now operating under the username @elvenlionart. ♡

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