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Element: Fire

Words: Burn, singe, crackle, change, desire, courage, active, heat.

Colours: Red, yellow, orange, smoky grey, black and gold.

Home to: Pheonixes, dragons, flying and heat-resistant animals, and those that thrive off the flames.


The further you drift from the earth region, the drier and dustier the climate gets... past the dry grasslands you begin to reach very tall, dark mountains, which are in fact volcanoes. The fire region is a pretty dangerous place for humans to be, but the creatures who call this their home are not phased by it whatsoever! These creatures are the great phoenixes of legend, whose strength increases each time fire turns it to ash, and the mighty dragons who breathe fire, and whose scaly skin is entirely fire-proof. It is so hot up in the fire region, that wildfires are almost always occurring somewhere, along with the occasional volcano eruption. These makes resistance to the heat and flames imperative to anyone's survival up here. Those that have this also always seem to carry the burning flames of passion, courage and determination within their hearts. Every day, one can observe the most beautiful hot sunsets from the peaks of the dormant volcanoes. The beautiful creatures who live here recognise that fire is not just destructive - it regenerates, renews, calls for action and change, inspires, and warms the bodies and souls of all.

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