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Element: Earth

Words: Lush, vibrant, colourful, golden, green, glowing, homely.

Colours: Green, warm brown, orange, pink, red, gold.

Home to: Horses, birds, snakes, insects, frogs, earth dragons, earth fairies, cats, monkeys, rodents, flowers and mushrooms.


The earth region is, unsurprisingly, the region that is most welcoming towards human visitors. It's lush green leaves are very reminiscent of the forests of our planet Earth, but there seems to be a little extra vibrancy in each leaf, a little extra magic in each branch - a place untouched by human interference, free to bloom as it pleases. And bloom it does: It would be impossible to list all the species that enjoy life in the earth region of the Adornarium, each one thriving to maximum capacity in this most nurturing of environments. Magnificent sights, sounds and scents are abundant amongst all the flora, fauna and animals here.

Meet my new friend, Percival the mushroo
Another shot of my earth dragon 😊🐉🔥_.
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