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These five-star reviews are taken from my Etsy shop ( If you would like to see more reviews and testimonials, please feel free to visit there :)


I love 'Angel' so much! She’s so gorgeous and well made and I already feel so much luckier with her around the house!! If you don’t already have one of these little guys, grab the next one you can, worth every penny!


learnamorgana on Mar 24, 2018


This was the first time I have ever bought anything like this over a website and I was so happy with her when she arrived. I have no flaws it truly is a great product and I love how she looks with my rocks and candles.


Jessica Andrews on Mar 9, 2018



         This is one of the best things i have ever ordered online it came in great condition and the packaging was so cute and adorable if you haven't already please please order of this amazing girl she puts so much work into these creations!!☺


Emily on Apr 24, 2018

Requested a custom remake of the elemental air dragon for my sisters birthday and her face was the best thing on earth, she loves it so much, couldn’t have asked for a better job and nicer person to create it 💕


Lorella on Apr 27, 2018

Outstanding quality very beautiful detail highly recommend seller very happy with order lovely energy to them AAAAA Star


jadeanne sinclair on Feb 14, 2018

Amazing! Beautiful quality and excellent seller! The item is unique, cute and gorgeous, I highly recommend Alexia's wares!


Katelyn Smith on Mar 1, 2018

I bought these two matching dragons and I love them so much! The detail is unbelievable and I love that each one is unique and one of a kind!

Alyssa Vargas on Mar 5, 2018

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