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Element: Spirit

Words: Ethereal, magic, galaxy, stars, spirit, heart, soul, cosmic, love, divine, consciousness

Colours: Blue, pink, purple, white, glittering gold, silver and iridescent shades of any colour

Home to: Dragons and any other mystical creature who can fly (either naturally or through magically sprouted wings) and is an ancient, wise being.


The most magical and enchanting of the five element regions in the Adornarium, the Spirit region is the first that will be encountered by new travellers, as it forms part of the portal that leads from our world to the Adornarium, accessible only by the imagination. It is the space hovering in the sky above all the other element regions, comprised of misty pink, blue and purple clouds. The creatures who live here are the wisest and most magical of all the creatures who live in the Adornarium, and are in charge of safely guiding new travellers from planet Earth to the world below. The only creatures who can live here are ones who can fly, as the spirit region inherently has no ties to anything on the ground. However, previously earth-bound animals (such as a horse, for instance) can ascend to the spirit region once the highest level of spiritual wisdom has been attained, and sprout magical wings of their own accord (thus becoming a pegasus, the more magical winged-variant of a horse, once it's required level of wisdom has been attained). In this sense, the spirit region can recruit all kinds of creatures from other regions, and it is the only region to be able to do this. Thus, the spirit region is one that has no boundaries, no rules, only pure, unconditional, love and light.

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