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Element: Air

Words: Light, misty, pale, ethereal, swift, graceful, feathers, intelligence

Colours: Grey, white, blue, dark grey, pastel colours

Home to: Eagles, owls, phoenixes, wolves, snow leopards, ice and air dragons, and anything else that can fly.


The air region is quite inaccessible for those who are land-bound, and as such, fewer species live here. However, the ones that do are incredibly resilient and strong to survive the cooler temperatures here, and the storms, winds, and snowfall that can occur this high in the mountains. Although the creatures here are tough, they are no less stunningly beautiful with their graceful flying techniques. Some fly so seamlessly that they blend in perfectly with the dreamy mists that always drift through the region. There are many myths and legends of the air region in the Adornarium - some who say that the creatures who live here are mystical shapeshifters, whose forms are as ever-changing as the clouds, and can vaporise themselves at will just as easily. Some even say that those who live here are ancient shamans and seers, who have psychic knowledge of everything else that occurs in the Adornarium - a legend that was born from the 'bird's eye view' one instantly gets when up in the air region. Are any of these legends true? One can only hope to befriend a wise being who lives here to find out...

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Meet the celestite crystal guardian drag
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