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Commission Me

Commissions currently closed, sorry!

(this is how I will contact you back within 48 hrs regarding this commission request.)

(if you have one, this will act as an alternative method of contact.)

Low: Similar or the same to what I already make, with little to no added details

Medium: A little different to what I normally make, with a few added details

High: Different to what I normally make, with many added details

 (if your commission can't be completed within the time frame specified, I'll let you know.)

(please be as specific and detailed about what you would like me to make as you can. Is it going to be based off a certain character, or another dragon I have made in the past? What pose what you like it to be in? What colours did you have in mind?)

Reference pictures:

(Reference pictures are extremely helpful for me to be able to visualise what you are looking for. Please upload any that may be helpful for me to see here.)

Thanks for submitting this form! Within 48 hrs I will have sent you an email in response to your commission idea. :) 

PLEASE NOTE: before I begin to purchase the necessary materials for your commission and start putting the hours of work into it, I will require the full deposit. (After completing a few commissions for people who lost interest and never paid me in the past, this is my new policy to ensure that I do get paid for my work.)

Current Commissions Waiting List:

Previous Commissions + Satisfied Customers Gallery:

To be featured in the gallery and receive a code for 20% off your next purchase, email selfies of you and your new custom friend to or DM to @the_adornarium on Instagram.

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