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How this was made:

This beautiful dragon is made from creamy yellow polymerclay, sculpted around an aluminium craft wire armature, and dusted with mica powders. It was then coated with a layer of epoxy resin to ensure maximum durability of its spines and limbs. This dragon sits on a polymerclay nest filled with fake moss and fake mini eggs, also created from pastel coloured polymerclay and acrylic paints.



When the human world we live in seems gloomy, you can always rely on Egbert to bring a smile to your face! Living in the earth region, he comes alive at spring time, and protects eggs for busy mother birds when they have to go off to find food for their chicks. He also takes care of abandaned eggs, gently warming them by breathing fire nearby, until the chicks are ready to hatch. With his sunny yellow skin and cheery disposition, he is here to remind us all that life goes on and there is always new hope in the world of the Adornarium, no matter how dark things may feel inside.


Extra information:

From the 'extra additions' drop-down menu, please select whether you would like this dragon to come gift wrapped or not before adding it to your cart. :)

'Egbert' - the easter egg dragon

  • Any finished sculpture or item of jewellery of mine that you receive, should be relatively strong, but not indestructible. As such, adequate care should be taken to ensure that the piece is out of reach of pets, children, and the possibility of being dropped, as you would with any other fragile ornament in the home. That being said, it will be certainly be strong enough for moderate handling as you examine it and admire its unique features! :)

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