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How this was made:

This enchanting crescent moon jar is adorned with a bright silver moon, copper stars, and golden/bronze ornate details, that add opulent grandeur to this whimsical design! The background of the polymerclay design is handsculpted and handpainted swirls and leaves, dark purple at the bottom fading into bright blue towards the top, with deep dark shadows beneath the dreamy swirls that draw you in further to the mystery. The blues, purples, golds and silvers create visions of magicians' tents and gypsy fortune tellers from days long gone by... magic that will soon be known only to you, the future owner of this one-of-a-kind art vessel!

Your most precious and sacred treasures may be stored safely within this jar - whilst the outside is clay, the interior is glass, making it safe for potions, water, herbs/plants, or crystals alike. It would make a stunning addition to any altar, table or shelf!


Measurements and extra details:

Height with lid: 4''

Height without lid: 2.6''

Width: 3''

Depth (front to back): 2.6''

This crescent moon apothecary jar is made from a glass jar and lid, decorated with polymerclay all around the outside (and on the external part of the glass lid) and painted with acrylic paints. Glass lid can be taken on and off the top of the jar with ease. Whilst the (glass) inside is safe for storing liquids, do keep the outside of the jar (polymerclay) safe from moisture of any sort - as it is unvarnished, to keep its matte finish. Therefore, clean the outside of the jar with a dry cloth only if required. The inside may be cleaned with a damp cloth or wet wipe.


Extra information:

Processing time before shipping/posting items is 3-7 days (or 3-5 business days). I will contact you if I encounter any issues that may prolong this time.
Please contact me if you have any further questions or concerns regarding anything else to do with this listing (i.e other photo angles, weight, more measurements, further care instructions etc) before you make your final purchase. I am happy to help! :)

Crescent Moon Silver, Gold and Blue Potion Bottle Apothecary Jar

  • Any finished sculpture or item of jewellery of mine that you receive, should be relatively strong, but not indestructible. As such, adequate care should be taken to ensure that the piece is out of reach of pets, children, and the possibility of being dropped, as you would with any other fragile ornament in the home. That being said, it will be certainly be strong enough for moderate handling as you examine it and admire its unique features! :)

  • Will I have to pay extra for shipping/postage?

    There is no additional charge for postage - all is included in the price of the dragon.


    How many creations can I recieve from you in one go?

    In one parcel, there will be sent a maximum of two to three creations, depending on their size. If you feel like going on a larger shopping spree (and I would not mind if you did!) expect to recieve two or three at a time, in different parcels that may be delivered on different days, depending on whether the creations you have ordered differ in the time they need to be prepared before posting (for instance, if one of your purchases includes a made-to-order item). Sending a couple of creations at a time in smaller packages is to keep postage costs down on my end, as I do not charge extra for postage, and one large parcel costs far more to send than a fewer smaller ones.


    How long will my order take to get to me?

    If you live in the UK (where I am based) you can expect your parcel to arrive within one to two weeks once I have posted it off (which may take up to a week for me to prepare beforehand if you have selected any extra additions from the drop-down menu). If you live in the US, your parcel will likely take two to three weeks to arrive after I have sent it out. It is important that these shipping times are taken into account if the item is needed before a certain deadline (e.g as a birthday present) as well as if you have purchased a made-to-order item.


    What is the difference between waiting for a made-to-order item and waiting for a pre-made item?

    If the item you have ordered is classed as "made-to-order", that could add a maximum of an extra week on to the time it will take to reach you, from the moment of purchase (due to the time it will take me to hand-craft your purchase from scratch). Don't worry though - if the item you want is made-to-order, it will say in big letters at the top of the item's description. If your item does not say anything about it being made-to-order in the description, then you can assume that it is a pre-made creation, and therefore will be ready to be posted to you in a week or less.

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