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The Butterfly Dream Collection


The Butterfly Dream collection is here to help you live your elven, fairy, goblin, mystical forest creature dreams with pieces inspired by the magic present in all of nature. My wish is that this collection will inspire you to bring more magic into your home, and to feel confident in decorating both yourself and your home with things that feel 100% authentic to you! The butterfly is a powerful symbol of transformation and so I hope these pieces will inspire you to transform into the best version of yourself, and take flight! 🦋 Each piece of this collection was handmade by myself (Alexia) and no two are the same. You will be the only person in the world to own an object from this collection as due to the handmade nature of them (being sculpted by hand), each piece is totally unique and can never be replicated! ✨ I poured lots of love, and a little piece of my heart and soul, into everything I made for this collection.


Karia the Mini Potted Plant Mushroom DragonButterfly Mushroom Potted Dragon "Aimee"


At the bottom of an enchanted garden, lies a woodland glade. It's the height of summer and the cheerful orange butterflies adorn every flower, red toadstool mushrooms underneath the shade of the trees. Inside this woodland of magic is a butterfly dragon, who after spending so much time amongst mushrooms, has taken on their red and white spotted appearance! Here she settles for a rest in a bed of greenery where plants grow from a garden pot.

This beautiful dragon sits in a mini terracotta plant pot and was handsculpted lovingly over many hours. She was also handpainted and adorned with lots of moss, faux flowers and plants! Her wings are handpainted clear holographic vinyl to create the appearance of orange monarch butterfly wings that change colour in different lights, evoking carefree summer days in a mystical enchanted forest. Her presence is so calming and she would be perfect to have on your desk to provide you with a sense of calm and magic throughout your days. This dragon is one-of-a-kind, and will never be made again, so she will be a completely unique companion only to you!


"Aimee" was made with polymerclay, aluminium craft wire, fake moss, clear holographic vinyl, glass eyes, acrylic paints, faux flowers, and a terracotta pot.


Measurements: (will this fit on my desk)?

Height (at tallest point): 10.5cm tall (from base of pot to the tallest flower).

Width (at widest point): 9cm

Weight (in grams): 169g


Extra (IMPORTANT!) information:

Standard shipping is always free for UK residents, though I would recommend selecting the tracked option at checkout to receive a tracking number that can help locate your package in the event of it going missing or being delayed by the postal services.

 After a few incidents of packages being delayed on their way to the US, I feel obliged to make tracked shipping the only mandatory option for US and foreign customers. This is because Covid 19 has brought chaos to our postal services and it's become increasingly clear how important it is to have a tracking number, as if not, there is no way for us to find where your package has gone if it gets lost or delayed on its way to you. Once a package leaves my hands at the post office, unfortunately it is completely out of my control, so I do apologise that the unreliability of the US postal services has made it necessary for me to need to take this step.


Please note that this item, along with any other items that are sold by Elven Lion, are intended for decorative use only, and not as toys for small children (although very fun to gently handle and admire)! ♡


Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any other queries about the specific measurements of this piece!

Butterfly Mushroom Potted Dragon "Aimee" - Handmade Ornament

  • Any finished sculpture or item of jewellery of mine that you receive, should be relatively strong, but not indestructible. As such, adequate care should be taken to ensure that the piece is out of reach of pets, children, and the possibility of being dropped, as you would with any other fragile ornament in the home. That being said, it will be certainly be strong enough for moderate handling as you examine it and admire its unique features! :)

  • Will I have to pay extra for shipping/postage?

    Postage is free for anyone using standard 2nd class or international standard delivery. Unfortunately those outside the UK must pay extra for postage if they want it to be tracked, and UK customers must pay extra if they want their order sent by special delivery guarenteed, (the only option that offers tracking information) otherwise shipping costs can be too expensive for me to cover just in the price of an item alone. I would HIGHLY recommend (especially in this time of covid 19 bringing chaos to our postal services) that both UK and US customers pay for the shipping option that offers tracking, as if not, there will be no way for us to find where your package has gone if it gets lost or delayed on its way to you. I cannot accept responsibility, nor give out refunds or replacements, for items lost in the mail if you did not select the tracked option at checkout. Once a package leaves my hands at the post office, it is completely out of my control.


    How many creations can I recieve from you in one go?

    In one parcel, there will be sent a maximum of two to three creations, depending on their size. If you feel like going on a larger shopping spree (and I would not mind if you did!) expect to recieve two or three at a time, in different parcels that may be delivered on different days, depending on whether the creations you have ordered differ in the time they need to be prepared before posting (for instance, if one of your purchases includes a made-to-order item).


    How long will my order take to get to me?

    If you live in the UK (where I am based) you can expect your parcel to arrive within one to two weeks once I have posted it off (which may take up to a week for me to prepare beforehand if you have selected any extra additions from the drop-down menu). If you live in the US, your parcel will likely take two to three weeks to arrive after I have sent it out. It is important that these shipping times are taken into account if the item is needed before a certain deadline (e.g as a birthday present) as well as if you have purchased a made-to-order item. Extra delays are also expected for international and US customers due to covid-19 issues, which unfortunately I have no control over.


    What is the difference between waiting for a made-to-order item and waiting for a pre-made item?

    If the item you have ordered is classed as "made-to-order", that could add a maximum of an extra week on to the time it will take to reach you, from the moment of purchase (due to the time it will take me to hand-craft your purchase from scratch). Don't worry though - if the item you want is made-to-order, it will say in big letters at the top of the item's description. If your item does not say anything about it being made-to-order in the description, then you can assume that it is a pre-made creation, and therefore will be ready to be posted to you in a week or less.

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